Natural Goods

The Curing Room Wellness and Apothecary is a Natural Goods Company. We strive to provide clean based products to help you along the journey of self discovery for your body and over all wellness.

Try Our Tea Blends
  • Cold Press Soap

    Our Soap is cold press crafted. Once it is prepared we let it "cure" for 4weeks. This helps create a sturdy and solid bar. Our soaps have a full and soft lather made with essential oils. The scent really comes through when in use!

  • Earths Basics

    The Primal Collection is a showcase of scents made from pure essential oils that not only smell great but also have a multitude of benefits for the skin.

  • What's in Your Cup

    We offer several herbal Tea Blends. Browse our selections and discover what fits your needs. Tea Blends are loose so don't forget your Infuser!

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